Hello, I'm Cathy!

Family & Wedding Photographer

I'm Cathy, a 30-year-old internationally published photographer based in Garrett, IN. I share my life with my wonderful husband, our four lively children, and two energetic puppies. I live a very abundant life: abundantly loud and sticky! More importantly, there is an abundance of love, laughter, singing, stories, and snuggles.

Capturing moments and creating memories: from family to forever!

When I began my business, I landed on the name 'Family Focused Photography'. Like it is with my personal life, I wanted my photographic focus to be on families - capturing their joy, love, and special moments.

As the years went on, I discovered another passion: capturing the love and romance of weddings. People close to me began to voice their concerns, suggesting that 'Family Focused Photography' didn't quite fit for a wedding photographer. They worried that others might not see the wedding aspect of my work.... and I listened to them. My intention was to maintain two separate businesses, keeping my photography pursuits neatly divided.

However, what I've come to realize is that they aren't separate at all; weddings mark the beginning of families.

In my own life, my family story began the day I married my husband. (No, I wasn't pregnant.) My husband became my family, and together, we've built a beautiful life. We've embarked on adventures, relocated hundreds of miles away from where we started, and God blessed with four children and one angel baby. All of this unfolded because we fell in love and made the commitment to get married.

Now, before anyone misconstrues my words, let me clarify that I'm not implying that you can't start a family without being married. What I'm saying is that, in my personal experience, these two aspects are deeply intertwined. So, I made the decision to merge my two photography passions, to unite them if you will, and to continue on my photographic journey - capturing moments and creating memories: from family to forever!

NILMDTS Affiliated Photographer

In addition to my passion for family photography, I am honored to be a volunteer photographer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (NILMDTS), an organization dedicated to providing the gift of remembrance photography to parents suffering the loss of a baby. This role allows me to offer compassionate support and create lasting memories for families during incredibly difficult times. 

Certified Professional Photographer

I am a certified member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), a testament to my commitment to excellence and ongoing professional development in the field of photography. These experiences have profoundly shaped my approach, emphasizing the importance of empathy, skill, and dedication in every photograph I capture.

Kind Words

"Cathy with Family Focused Photography is amazing! She was so easy to schedule with, plan the session with, communicate with, and enjoy the session with! Her attention to detail and fun, upbeat attitude is exactly what we wanted for a photographer. She exceeded our expectations! Book the session, you will love it and the end results!! "

Ali B.

With 275+ Features in...

This is how we do it....

I. Book the date.

I have the worlds EASIEST booking process! Simply click the link, pick your session type, and select your date! Then, I'll reach out personally and we can come up with a plan to create a session custom for you and your family!

II. Take photos.

This is the BEST part! We will meet up at our predetermined location and dive right in! The first few minutes of your session are always the most uncomfortable. This is where we get to know each other. You get more comfortable in front of the camera, I figure out what makes you laugh, and the rest is pure magic.

III. Deliver memories.

Within four to six weeks, you can expect to receive your gallery! I always send more than your package includes as my favorites might not be your favorites. I want your gallery to be as YOU as possible.

Capturing precious moments of your life is priceless. Whether it's your wedding day, the birth of a child, or a family vacation, professional photography can help you preserve these memories for a lifetime. Professional photographers have the skills and equipment to capture these moments in high quality, ensuring that you have a beautiful reminder of the special times in your life.

Why should you hire a professional photographer?

Capturing Memories

One of the main reasons why you need family photos is to capture memories. Photos are a great way to remember special moments in your life. Whether it's a family vacation, a holiday celebration, or just a regular day spent with your loved ones, having photos to look back on can bring back those memories in a powerful way. As time passes, memories can fade, but having photos to remind you of those moments is priceless.

Creating Family Legacy

Family photos are also a way to create a family legacy. They tell the story of your family's history and can be passed down from generation to generation. Your children and grandchildren will be able to look back at these photos and get a glimpse into their family's past. It's a way to connect with your family's history and to feel a sense of belonging to something greater than yourself.

Preserving Time

Finally, family photos are a way to preserve relationships in time. As families grow and change, it's important to have a visual representation of those relationships. Photos can show the love and connection between family members and can remind us of why those relationships are important. Even if family members are no longer with us, having photos to look back on can keep their memory alive and honor their place in the family.

Personal Branding

In an increasingly digital world, personal branding is essential. Professional photos can help individuals create a strong online presence, whether for career advancement, networking, or personal reputation.

Quality and Expertise

Professional photographers have the technical skills, experience, and artistic vision to capture high-quality images. They are knowledgeable about lighting, composition, equipment, and post-processing techniques.

Creativity and Artistry

Photographers often bring a unique creative perspective to their work, allowing them to capture moments or subjects in a visually appealing and artistic manner.

Equipment and Technology

Professional photographers typically invest in high-quality camera equipment and editing tools, ensuring that the images they produce are of the highest quality.


Photographers can tailor their services to your specific needs and preferences, whether you require formal portraits, candid shots, or any other style of photography.

Time Savings

Hiring a photographer can save you time and effort, as they handle all aspects of the photography process, including preparation, shooting, and post-production.


Legal and Licensing

Photographers are knowledgeable about copyright and licensing issues, ensuring that you have the appropriate permissions to use the photos for your intended purposes.

What makes Family Focused Photography stand out?

Distinctive Style

I have developed a unique and recognizable style that sets my work apart. It's a style that blends warm tones, rich colors, and loving emotions to create images that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Effective Storytelling

I believe that a great photo tells a story. Through my work, I aim to convey emotions, experiences, and narratives, creating a deeper connection between the viewer and the image.

Continuous Learning

I'm committed to ongoing learning and improvement in my craft. This means staying up-to-date with the latest equipment, software, and photography techniques to deliver the best possible results.

Payment Plans

Having quality photos shouldn’t pose a doubt in your mind, especially if it is because of a financial hardship. It breaks my heart to hear that families go without photos due to finances. This is why I offer payment plans. There are SO MANY ways we can split payment. So, if you’re struggling, know that I hear you and I have been there personally. We got this. Let's figure it out together.


My goal is to bring a fresh and creative perspective to every shoot. I love experimenting with unique angles, lighting, and compositions to capture images that are visually striking and memorable.

Strong Portfolio

I have a diverse portfolio that showcases my best work in various photography genres. This demonstrates my versatility and ability to cater to a wide range of clients and projects.


I take pride in delivering consistently high-quality work. Clients can always expect top-tier results regardless of the project's scope or style.

Pricing Transparency

I offer competitive and transparent pricing based on the value I provide. I want you to feel confident that you're getting a fair deal for my services.


I'm committed to constantly honing my technical skills and staying timeless. This ensures that I can bring the highest level of expertise to every project.

Our Memories Get Blurry With Time;

Photos Allow Us To Remember Forever.

Our Memories Get Blurry With Time;

Photos Allow Us To Remember Forever.