Birth Portraits

Birth is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it happens so quickly. Having a professional photographer present to capture the moment can provide you with the opportunity to relive the experience for years to come. Birth photos can capture the raw emotions of the moment, the first time you hold your baby, and the reactions of your loved ones. These photos can help you remember the details of the experience that you may have forgotten over time. These photos can be shared with your child as they grow up, and they can see the moment they were born. Having a visual representation of the moment can evoke memories and emotions that can last a lifetime. While your partner or a family member may be able to take photos during the birth, having a professional photographer present can ensure that the photos are of the highest quality. A professional photographer has the equipment and expertise needed to capture the moment in a way that can be cherished for years to come. They can also edit the photos to enhance their quality and create a cohesive story of the birth experience.

"Cathy is simply fantastic and we were so lucky to work with her! During our maternity photos, she was lighthearted and fun, making me feel comfortable and beautiful during the uncomfortable awkward end of pregnancy. During our delivery, she was professional, respectful, and supportive during a vulnerable time, acting as a constant positive presence. After birth, she was patient and gentle with our newborn and silly with our older kids. She captured their true personalities and made every experience working with her fun and enjoyable. I would recommend her wholeheartedly without reservation!"

-Ali Bauer

Before you even look at my prices I want you to know this:

Having quality photos shouldn’t pose a doubt in your mind, especially if it is because of a financial hardship. It breaks my heart to hear that families go without photos due to finances. This is why I offer payment plans. There are SO MANY ways we can split payment. So, if you’re struggling, know that I hear you and I have been there personally. We got this. Let's figure it out together.

Pricing & Packages

The Adventurer


- Pre-consultation in-person, by phone, video chat, or email
- On call 24/7 beginning at 38 weeks gestation
- Documentation of active labor, birth, and up to 2 hours postpartum
- Full digital gallery (100+ hand-edited digital images)
- 48 hour sneak-peek

The Dreamer


- Pre-consultation in-person, by phone, video chat, or email
- On call 24/7 beginning at 38 weeks gestation
- Documentation of active labor, birth, and up to 2 hours postpartum
- 50 hand-edited digital images in black and white
- 48 hour sneak-peek

The Storyteller


- Pre-consultation in-person, by phone, video chat, or email
- Only for scheduled deliveries
- Documentation of active labor, birth, and up to 2 hours postpartum
- Full digital gallery (100+ hand-edited digital images)
- 48 hour sneak-peek

Say hello!

Ask away! Let's talk!

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How do I book a shoot?

Your first step is to contact me! A quick initial phone or zoom call is the best way to get to know each other, see if weโ€™re a good fit, and go over any pre-booking questions about the portrait process, available dates, and locations.

Do you offer payment plans?

I sure do! We can break any price down into any payment that you can handle! The session fee MUST be paid for prior to any photographic work being done and you will not receive your images until they are paid in full.

What is your typical timeline?

I typically book out two months ahead.
You'll typically have access to a proofing gallery of all your images within two weeks of your session. After receiving your favorites, it takes me approximately two weeks to finish the editing process and to send out your finalized gallery.

What payment methods are available?

I accept cash and all major credit cards.

Do you have a referral program?

YES! I like to provide extra images when referring AND being referred by someone!

What if I don't want my session blogged or posted on social media?

I completely respect your right to privacy. If you would prefer to not have your images posted on social media or on the Family Focused Photography blog, I will refrain from doing so. Do note that your images will be uploaded to an online gallery, but this is password protected and nobody else can access your images except for you.

Can I share my online gallery with other people?

Absolutely! Sometimes it's nice to have others look through your images to help you decide which pictures to print. If you have opted for a password protected gallery, they'll just need your password to access the gallery.

Can I order my prints and products at your studio?

Sure thing! I am happy to provide custom ordering sessions at the studio. This is a complimentary service that's typically scheduled a month after your photo shoot. Alternatively, you can order all your prints and products online in your own home.

What happens if I don't like a print or product?

We stand by the quality of our prints and products and want to make sure that you are absolutely thrilled with them. If there is an issue with your order, we will work diligently to replace the affected items in a timely manner.


Can I get a refund on digitals?

Due to the nature of the product being unable to be physically returned, I cannot refund any digital purchases.


I still have another question. How can I contact you?

Feel free to call, email or even text whenever you need to at 260-214-0470 or
I always try to respond within 24 hours.

Kind Words

Cathy with Family Focused Photography is amazing! She was so easy to schedule with, plan the session with, communicate with, and enjoy the session with! Her attention to detail and fun, upbeat attitude is exactly what we wanted for a photographer. She exceeded our expectations!
Book the session, you will love it and the end results!! ๐Ÿ˜

Ali Bauer