Additional Services

Pixieset Development

Let's be honest- most of us didn't become photographers to spend most of our time doing the back-end stuff. Let me take some of the weight off of your shoulders and set up your booking link, your CRM, your business documents, and more. When I started out, I remember hating all of this stuff because I didn't understand it. Now that I have spent a few years mastering it, I love all of the sneaky little features most people do not know about! So, stop stressing about the business aspect and get back out there doing what you LOVE: photography.



Want to make money without working yourself to death? One word: upsell. After an initial discussion about how involved you'd like to be in the print ordering process, I can set up your store to where you can set it and forget it! Another option (my personal preference) is to take in orders through my site and personally order them and hand deliver them to my clients!

Booking Links


Create custom links for your clients to schedule with you and sign their contract in one simple space. Here, you can set your availability, what types of sessions you offer, and more!

Client Galleries


The client gallery is where you send out your clients images to them! Here, you can set up privacy, download settings, slideshows, and connect the galleries directly to your clients! Let me set this up for you and walk you through how to use it so you should never have to worry about it all again.

Studio Manager

Starting at $75.00

I can set up all of your templates for questionnaires, contracts, invoices, quotes, client management, and more.

Custom Website


Creating a website takes precious time and energy, especially if you have no idea how to do it. To do this, we will chat about your brand colors, typography, writing styles, and designs. Let's make this your dream website.