Your Art- Refined.

Your Business- Simplified.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just picked up a camera for the first time, sometimes we all need a little push to take our work to the next level.

Hi! I'm Cathy!

I am a photographer, mentor, and magazine editor with over 240 families photographed, over 200 images published, four images on magazine covers, and six articles written about my business in magazines under my belt. Because I surrounded myself with EXCELLENT photographers that I have learned from, my business exploded in a very short time.

"When you surround yourself with people who have achieved the kind of success you are looking for, there is a tendency to calibrate to them."

When I began my journey, I planned to be a family photographer. Through experience, I discovered my passion for helping other photographers succeed along side of me.

"Cathy is absolutely phenomenal. Her attention to detail shines through with her business and marketing education. The templates and guides she has developed took my business and professionalism to the next level. My workflow is more efficient, and I can now give my client's an even better experience. I couldn't have done it without Cathy; I highly recommend her!"

-Karisa G

What is covered in a mentorship:

(Including, but not limited to...)

Family Photography:

  • Prompts, Poses, & Play: How to make a session FLY by without feeling like it is WORK!

  • All About Family Guides: How to edit them, send them, and why they are SO important.

  • Favorite Props: Let's talk about how to get the most out of your props without spending a fortune.

  • Working With Kids: Let's face it: some kids are NOT into photography! Let me help you connect with them.

  • Working With Parents: Parents tend to be high-strung about the idea of their kids not behaving, not smiling, etc. I can teach you how to take stress OFF of them.

  • Working With Teenagers: One word: #Intimidating. I have a few tips and tricks for working with even the most angsty teens.

  • Capturing Genuine Emotions: It is SO important to me to not be a "Say Cheese!" photographer. I would much rather capture those real emotions than fake them.

Business & Marketing

  • Marketing Programs: I can walk you through referral programs, ambassador programs, email lists, etc.

  • Important Forms & Documents: Contracts, questionnaires, print releases: Yes, you need them all.

  • Client Workflow: How to streamline your entire client experience.

  • Photographer's Workflow: Step by step, the most efficient way to walk through your sessions.

  • Favorite Software & Links: Editing, creating, emailing, web hosts, domains, gallery hosts, booking sites, videos, and more!

  • Booking Clients: We go through my entire process of signing on new clients from inquiry to session!

  • Backing Up Images: I have found a GREAT way to organize my images to where I can find any image from any year I've been in business within a minute.

  • Proof Galleries: STOP EDITING EVERY IMAGE! Your client may not want each one. Your time is VALUABLE! Lightly edit the BEST images, send them to the client, finalize the favorites!


  • Booking Site: I can walk you through how to set up your session types, booking links, availability, questionnaires, and more.

  • Gallery Hosting: I can walk you through all things with gallery related, including: client privacy, password protection, download settings, proof galleries, favorite lists, subfolders, connecting to client profiles

  • Store: Want to make some extra money without working yourself to death? Let me help.

  • Web Design: I have been working slowly on my own website for two years and have become a MASTER at Pixieset's website options! It was such a headache to do it all alone at the beginning but now it is just fun!

  • CRM: Keep your contacts, invoices, contracts, quotes, questionnaires, and bookings all in one spot.


  • How to make:
  • Guides
  • Social Media Posts
  • Marketing Posts
  • Calendars
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Simple Logos
  • Price Sheets
  • Order Forms
  • Model Calls


  • LrC Basics: White balance, cropping, presets, sliders, HSL, color grading, etc.

  • Photoshop Basics: Actions, tools, blurs, and layers.

  • Masking in Lightroom and Photoshop: How to remove layers/brushes without completely erasing them forever.

  • Composites: Overlays, Face swaps, dinosaurs in the background....

  • Styles: Moody, Bold & Rich, True To Color, HDR, Painterly, Black & White, and more.

  • Portrait Editing: Skin smoothing, eyes popping, teeth whitening, subject enhancing....

  • Anna Tenne's Tools: Anna is a good friend and mentor to me. She has taught me a RIDICULOUS amount in the short time that I have worked with her. I like to include her resources at a discounted price, aswell! I can help walk through any and all of her presets, brushes, actions, and profiles.

  • Culling Images: Do you overshoot like I do? Are you left with 500+ images from a session?

General Photography

  • Natural Lighting Tips: How to get the sun to do the work for you.
  • Learn camera basics
  • Light Meter
  • Exposure triangle
  • Manual Mode
  • Mini Sessions: Themes, scheduling, booking, payments, props, and more! I LOVE mini sessions and they are a GREAT way to meet new clients and get your name out there!

  • Self Doubt: Impostor syndrome is real.. and it is awful! Need a cheerleader in your corner to remind you when that inner voice is wrong? I'm yours.

  • What Lenses Where: Some lenses are perfect for portraits, some are perfect for real estate... let's talk about what YOU need to achieve the images you want!

  • Magazine Publications: Are you interested in seeing YOUR images in printed magazines?! It is actually quite fun once you learn how!

"I cannot say enough how incredibly grateful I am of Cathy! She, not only, is so detail oriented but the absolute sweetest. Cathy has helped me so much in streamlining my process with clients, and her guidance with producing my welcome guide has helped alleviate the stress of providing information to them. Thank you so much for all you do!!! I cannot wait to work with you again!"


Want some extra goodies?

Every mentorship includes your choice of three FREE templates and discounts on any/all templates!

  • Motherhood Information Guide
  • Motherhood Session Prep Guide
  • Motherhood After The Session Guide
  • Mini Session Guide
  • Style Guide
  • Gift Certificates
  • Price Lists
  • Email Signature
  • Model Calls
  • Pricing Guides
  • Brand Sheet
  • Wedding & Engagement Guide
  • Location Guide
  • Maternity Guide
  • Social Media Guide
  • In-Home Session Info Guide
  • Shooting In Manual Mode Guide
  • Order Form
  • Milestone Information Guide
  • Mini Session Advertisements
  • Brochures

Why Do You Need A Mentor?

Personalized Guidance

As your mentor, I will work with you one-on-one to understand your goals and skill level. This means that you will receive personalized guidance and instruction that is tailored to your specific needs. I will help you identify areas where you can improve and provide you with actionable steps to reach your goals.

Feedback and Critique

One of the biggest advantages of having a mentor is receiving constructive feedback on your work. I will provide you with honest and detailed critiques of your photographs, which will help you develop a critical eye and improve your technique. Through regular feedback and critique, you will start to see a noticeable improvement in your photography.


It's easy to fall behind on your goals when you're working alone. However, when you have a mentor, you have someone who will hold you accountable and help you stay on track. I will provide you with regular check-ins to ensure that you're making progress towards your goals.


When working with multiple clients at once, it is easy to get lost and forget steps. Let me help you with all things back-end!

Industry Knowledge

As a professional photographer, I have extensive knowledge of the industry and what it takes to succeed. I can provide you with insights into the business side of photography, such as marketing, pricing, and client management. This knowledge can be invaluable if you're looking to turn your photography into a career.

Motivation and Inspiration

Finally, having a mentor can provide you with the motivation and inspiration you need to keep pushing forward. I will be there to encourage you when you're feeling discouraged and provide you with inspiration to keep creating. With me as your mentor, you'll have someone in your corner who truly believes in your potential.

The glass ceiling will go away when women help other women break through that ceiling.

Indra Nooyi

Having a mentor is an investment, there is no denying that.

While there is something to say about learning something on your own, when you can learn from someone else and skip all of the mistakes and time, a mentorship is something that will pay for itself with every single session. Your time is priceless.

"Cathy is INCREDIBLE! As not only a friend, but also a fellow educator, I genuinely cannot recommend Cathy highly enough. Not only is her work phenomenal and speaks for itself, but she's so knowledgeable and efficient at running a business too - which is so essential to be successful as a photographer. Cathy's always been booked solid, with raving reviews, even when having to relocate and start from scratch, she nails it every time. She's not only an incredible photographer, exceptional mentor but also the best human you will ever meet! She genuinely wants to see others succeed and has the tools and knowledge to help them do so. She's the best mentor ever! If you're struggling, you need to message her right now, she's the best!"

-Anna Tenne


Anna Tenne

Presets and courses that i swear by and use on every session


The BEST gallery, booking, and web host around.


Perfect tool for creating social media posts, guides, price sheets, etc.

Lunar Photography LLC

Editing Outsourcing


Excellent CRM and booking site. 10/10 for booking Minis

Aubrie Bunton Photography

warm, dreamy presets

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