25 maternity photos that you might want to try out:

  1. Their new home - Take a picture by the baby's nursery while holding your belly.
  2. The Power of Motherhood - Pose in front of a large window, with a lot of light and flowy curtains.
  3. Keep it simple - Just go for a walk with your partner and take some photos. The simple everyday moments will be the hardest to remember later.
  4. By the Lake - Any picture taken by a lake, with the trees in the far background is going to look astonishing. 
  5. The Secret Tree - Embrace nature by dressing in a green dress and taking some pictures by a tree.
  6. Autumn Beach - Take your husband and go for a lovely stroll along the shore.
  7. Big Brother - Take a picture with your son between you and your husband, all of you holding hands.
  8. Big Sister - The same as above, but for your daughter :)
  9. Moms bring colors to life - Have everyone in the family wear something colorful while you dress in white and take a picture while they hug you from the sides.
  10. Pets are also family - Take some pictures while interacting with your pet.
  11. Gender Reveal - Combine your maternity photoshoot with a gender reveal.
  12. Laying together - Simply cuddle up like snuggle bugs and have your husband hug your belly.
  13. Laundry Time - Make a fun photo shoot from washing the baby's clothes for the first time.
  14. Back-to-Back - Your husband the rock behind your back, so make a couple of photos with the two of you, back-to-back to commemorate that.
  15. The Belly Hug - Let your husband hug your baby bump from behind.
  16. Hug It Out - There is nothing cuter than your first baby child hugging their soon-to-come sibling, while they're still in the belly.
  17. Kissy Faces - Take a picture with your little child hugging your face while kissing it.
  18. Baby Sock Cuteness - Baby socks are just too cute. Grab a pair and get silly in front of the camera.
  19. Two Bellies? - Why should you be the only one with the belly pictures? Grab your husband and make it a couple's belly shoot.
  20. Pregnancy Cravings Picnic - We've all been there, it's nothing to be ashamed about. Go for a picnic and bring the most fun and weird cravings you had during your pregnancy.
  21. Signs and Photos - Take a close picture of your baby bump, with the ultrasound nearby, and a sign saying something fun.
  22. Beach Walk - Go for a walk on the boardwalk with your husband and your dog.
  23. Summer Picnic - Grab your picnic blanket and basket and go to the park for some peace & quiet photos.
  24. Summer Field - Bring out your favorite summer dress and go for a photoshoot in a blooming field.
  25. Simple is the Best - take a shot of just your silhouette while holding your baby bump.